Weight loss struggles, pre-op

Ugh! I’ve been struggling to lose weight.

Not just now. But it seems for the past 6 months I just end up going up and down around the same 5lbs. I am cleaning up my diet in preparation for surgery, granted I haven’t been perfect. As I lead up to surgery, I’ve been buying all sorts of shakes to see what I might like during my 10 day liquid diet and potentially after surgery. I’ve committed myself to drinking shakes for breakfast and trying not to snack as much all day. When I crave sweets, I’ve been keeping things like sugar free popsicles in the house and no sugar added fudgesicles.

This week, I’ve been craving carbs like a mad woman tho. I’m a woman, I have my period, and I’m trying to fight my cravings. I’ve kept myself from eating a horse, but man, the carb craving is insane.

Right now, I am doing Weight Watchers as I lead up to my surgery, so I’m really trying to focus on tracking all my food so I know I’m not going totally wild.

I’m trying to keep my head in the game and really focus. Not gonna lie though, it’s a struggle.

Time is going fast!

Where did all the time go?

It literally seems like yesterday I started the blog and started this VSG process. When I kicked off the blog a week ago, I had all the intentions to get the blog updated more frequently and finish simple things like the About Me page, but it is now the 20th and I still haven’t. Oops! (Promise, I will be working on that now for sure!)

So what’s all been happening the past week? It’s been pretty quiet to be honest. I did, however, weigh in on Saturday morning and lost 4.2lbs in one week! Last week, I fasted solids during the day (drank liquids only) and had normal meals in the evening. I was fasting with my church and this also gave me the perfecr opportunity to start trying different proteins before surgery and ones that I might like during the 10 day pre-op diet.

This week, I’ve honestly struggled a bit more and I feel like my weight loss won’t be near as much, but I am trying not to beat myself up! I’ve been struggling to lose weight for many, many months now. I’ll lose the same few pounds and gain the same few pounds (literally, 3-4lbs), which is frustrating. So, I’m going to stick to drinking protein shakes for breakfast and more protein to my diet. I’m honestly nervous to step on the scale this week. I’m nervous that I’ll have stayed on my bodies trend of mini roller coaster.

This past few weeks has really given me insight on where some of my challenges are mentally with how I think, which I am actually appreciating a lot. It gave me the motivation to start looking at some bariatric books to begin reading them pre-op. I’m looking specifically for ones related to VSG if I can, but really, any books that I can either learn more or ones that I feel that I’d be able to relate to. Any suggestions anyone?

Next week, I’ll be attending my 2nd supervised diet appointment with my primary doc and then the following week, I have my endo scheduled and my psych evaluation in the same day. The only few things I need to do is go get my bloodwork done and call about a cardiologist so I can get clearance. So thankful for my surgeons checklist, because time is moving fast!