I’m going to be joining the loser’s bench!

It’s official!
It’s finally here!
I got approved!
I’m going to be joining the losers bench!

When, you say? MAY 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, just wow. It seriously felt like this day was never, ever going to come. I haven’t blogged in the longest time and a whole lot clearly has happened since then! I did try to blog when I was traveling back home to CT to visit my family before I had a major surgery, but apparently WP’s mobile app does not like me. But, I am back, and I plan on blogging much more frequently, especially since I will have loads more time while I am healing.

I had my last weigh in with my surgeon back on March 28 and let me tell you, the whole time leading up to it, I was a nervous wreck. For the entire 3 months of my pre-op plan, I only lost 3lbs total. Most of which I lost in month 2. I’ve been changing my diet, walking more, doing some low impact HIIT workouts, admittedly not the most consistently, but doing them and my scale was just not budging whatsoever. As a last effort, I started drinking 2 shakes a day and still, nothing would change in my weight loss! I was feeling defeated and so worried that I was going to somehow gain or I was not going to be approved for surgery, but I kept on.

I was a nervous wreck the morning of my appointment,  but I went in, and got myself weighed. From there, everything kept moving forward and they were going to submit for approval. I was so relieved! I spoke with the new nutritionist at my surgeons office and she said as far as my eating and stuff, I was doing well which was encouraging.

I left there feeling so excited to continue to be moving through the approval process. The wait though, UGH, the wait. Let me tell you, the longest wait EVER. Then, during my wait, the PA called me and said I needed to have my doctor send over their recommendation letter. I was FURIOUS! I had asked my doctor to send that two weeks prior. So when you’re waiting for an approval and you get news like this, it takes all that you’ve got to not lose your cool!

I kept my cool tho! I thankfully spoke with a lot of helpful ladies at both my doctors office and my surgeons office who got it all sorted out for me and sent to insurance in less than a few hours! 2 hours later, YA GIRL WAS APPROVED!

So now, I’m still focusing on what I eat and prepping for surgery. I made a shopping list and bought a lot of recommended items already, like a heating pad, chapstick, biotene, gas-x strips, protein water (assorted flavors) and loads  more and just trying to get the house all cleaned up and squared away so it’s one less thing to worry about post-op.

28 days to go! Feels so nuts!!! I would say I’m about 98% excited and 2% nervous.

I’m nervous about some complications, nervous about what it’s going to be like on the “other side”, nervous about pain, little things. Trying not to get myself all worked up though and remain focused on my WHY.

My husband told me the other day, “You’re so brave.” and I’ve been finding strength in that. Strength from his support of me in this process.

This tool is worth it and I know it’s going to rock my world and change my life and I sure as hell can’t wait.

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  1. Congratulations on joining the losers bench! I am hoping to join soon! It seems like this process takes FOREVER! I am still on my 6-months of required supervised weight loss with my PCP. Then, after I finish, the surgeon and his team will send all of my preauthorization documents to insurance and then I’ll have to wait, again! I’m hoping the insurance clearance doesn’t take too long. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take for you to find out from insurance that you were approved?!

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