Oh BTW, you can’t do the gastric sleeve

Yesterday was quite the unexpected day. I started my day going to get the required blood work needed pre-op, thinking this is the last thing I have to do until my next appointment! Yeah, well, that lasted a short while.

The blood work was easy. I signed in, stuck out my arm, as usual she struggled to find my veins, she took my blood and I left. Easy transaction.

I did not expect to get my results back within 4 hours and have a call from the PA and my Endo doc in the same afternoon. Most of my blood work came back perfectly fine which I had expected. My blood work is usually all good, it’s just my high blood pressure that is a pain in my ass. I need to start a B12 vitamin now. It’s technically in the normal range, but they’d like to see it a little higher for surgery. Easy enough, grab another vitamin and go. 

My clotting test was not in the range they’d like to see, but after talking to my PCP they think it was just an error. So I’m going to stop my garlic supplement and test again since I think that is thinning my blood which I def don’t want right now. 

The PA happened to see my Endo results before the Endo office had a chance to call  me, which showed that I have Barrett’s Esophagus. Which from what they explained to me is technically a pre-cancerous condition (insert PANIC) but mine is benign (breathe out panic). Because of the BE, they do not recommend doing the sleeve because you’d still have acid reflux, which I certainly don’t want if I have BE. 

Needless to say I was a little panicked after we hung up. For some reason, gastric bypass freaks me out more than the sleeve. Maybe it’s the malabsorption thing or the dumping or the higher risk of complications, who knows. But on the same note, I know it’s been around much longer, many people have successfully had it, and I don’t have the slightest clue as to what issues I may or may not have. After researching more, talking with my husband,  and thinking it through I am still going to go through with the process. But, I will be asking a whole set of new questions at my next appointment later this month. 

I then, spoke with the Endoscopy nurse who out my mind at ease about the whole Barrett’s Esophagus thing. Long story short on that, I will be on a PPI (like Prilosec) for some time, and will have a follow up with me in 6mo and yearly endoscopies done to check on my Barrett’s. So that really put my mind at ease. And with having RNY instead of my current stomach or sleeve, I won’t have to deal with acid going into my esophagus., further worsening it, *phew.

Even though I got news that I didn’t really want to hear, I thank God for starting this journey. Had I not started, I wouldn’t be on the right path to getting healthier and I would have never known that I had BE which would have not been good. 

So I’m on new meds, new vitamins, and now just waiting for my next steps.

….. until next time.