The countdown…

Technically 40 DAYS.

Until what? My last weigh in before my surgeons team can submit for approval for my RNY! It just got real. I mean, it’s been real the whole time, but it’s getting so close now! Most of me is excited, but there is a part of me that is still freakin’ out. At the end of the day, it’s a major surgery and complications can happen!

I had my appointment on Monday with the PA and nutritionist. We discussed Barrett’s Esophagus and why my surgeon does not do sleeve if you have BE, then Calvin and I unloaded a TON of questions on her. Most of my questions were about long-term RNY life. This is what I have been panicking about the most. I’m only 31 years old, will be having RNY (which has malabsorption issues), and I plan on having a family and being around for them for a very long time. She reassured me that they do have patients who are 10+ years out who are fine and healthy. She also assured me that I will be asked to do annual bloodwork to ensure my vitamin levels are all good. She also assured me that for the first year, they will be seeing me quite often. So, all of this made me feel pretty good.

Calvin chimed in with his own set of questions too, which I am so thankful for. I’m so thankful that he takes the time off to even come to the appointments with me. He has been a nervous nelly since the beginning, more so than me, but because of that, he thinks of great questions that I’m not even thinking about.

As the PA answered all of our questions, my wall started to drop about being scared for RNY. There are parts of me that are admittedly still nervous, but I am giving those worries to God. Whatever happens is all in God’s plan and I need to trust that. I don’t know what his plans are for me yet, but I will soon find out!

After we talked to the PA, the nutritionist came in to see how I’ve been doing and I was so honest with her where I’ve been struggling. I have not been perfect at all, but I am sure as hell trying to make improvements. I shared some of my recent meals with her, like THIS loaded cauliflower waffle…. My mouth is watering looking at it. I asked all of my questions about absorbing vitamins, how can I ensure I get all my nutrients met, should I be worried about high cholesterol with all this protein, and uh…. what about pooping? LOL serious stuff. All the recipes I have found have been loaded with cheese and gooeyness, that it concerns me about cholesterol (even though I modify recipes left and right) and all that protein, doesn’t exactly keep things flowing. So… a girl had to ask!

Sadly, my NUT is leaving and I will have a new one next meeting, but I feel good and she said she felt good about where I am not. I haven’t really lost much/any weight, but I have not been gaining and she see’s that I am trying to make changes and trying new things in preparation for my new tool.

So, in a few hours, I went from worried hypochondriac to empowered future bariatric patient! I only have two more tests to do, which I am doing in the morning, and then it’s just waiting until my appointment and hopefully I will get a surgery date soon!

And…. check this thing out. Helloooooooooooo nurse. This baby was so FREAKIN good! So good, we made it again a few days ago. This thing had me wanting to start sharing recipes that I’ve tried on here! So, COMMENT if you want me to!

… and if you’re in this process with me, do you have your date yet? I will be sitting on the bench in May, so I’m looking for buddies around the same time!